Stafford Law Group, LLC


At Stafford Law Group, LLC, we are dedicated to resolving your legal issues in the most efficient, cost-effective manner. Many times that calls for out-of-the-box, creative solutions. Known for intelligence and innovation, our attorneys have the skills and experience to resolve your issues in matters of family law, personal injury, real estate, criminal law, wills and probate, social security, commercial and civil litigation throughout Bulloch and surrounding counties.

We consider all our cases to be important. There is no case that is necessarily “bigger” or that deserves more attention than another. We devote our time and dedication to ensure that all cases are represented to our full potential. Stafford Law Group, LLC takes pride in ensuring all clients have a successful and satisfactory outcome for their personal cases no matter if it is a simple name change or a custody action.

Our Biggest Accomplishment

We are a leading female attorney among so many top performing collegues

Our Biggest Passion

At Stafford Law Group, LLC, we have a large practice that ranges from minor child support issues to complex adoptions. Working in the family law field, we are seen not only as legal representation, but also act as advisors and are happy to offer a shoulder to lean on in a time of need. Family law can be emotional for all parties involved, but in the end, the outcome can be satisfying when your client gains custody of a child or is granted an adoption of a child. Stafford Law Group, LLC, takes pride in representing our clients in such cases without hesitation or regard to the time-consuming issues that may arise, as our clients are most important to us and we demonstrate that within the courtroom.